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Diversity & Inclusion

At Brown Group, we are fully committed to involving HUB and M/WBE firms in all of our projects because we believe supporting them encourages economic growth and development in our communities. Members of our firm actively participate in organizations including: 

An important part of our success is the success of our trade contractor partners. We pride ourselves on proactively managing well organized, safe, and efficient projects that allow you to be successful.

One example of how we help you be successful is through our use of an open bidding process, which gives you the opportunity to propose only on the portions of the work you are comfortable performing. You do not need to bid on an entire scope of work that you may not have the staff, materials, or expertise to perform. We make the extra effort to match trade contractor bids to achieve complete bid packages. This is a win-win for you and for our clients, since this approach often provides a better value. 

Because many of our projects are extremely complex and require the best talent in their respective specialties of work, the vast majority of our trade contractor selections are made on a “best value” system. We evaluate your firm’s qualifications, your past experience with Brown Group and the project Owner, your safety record, the quality of your performance, the experience and qualifications of your proposed team members, and your price. Our experience has taught us lowest price doesn’t always equate to best value.

We operate a master subcontracting system, which allows us to quickly procure project subcontracts and start work on a project in an expedited manner. We maintain a list of prequalified trade contractors with whom we communicate regularly about upcoming opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming a prequalified trade contractor with Brown Group, please visit our Contact Us page. 

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