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About Us 

Looking for the right general contractor can be a daunting task, not knowing where a company’s competency and integrity stand can be a nightmare for an owner and can delay a project for months or even years.  At Brown Group Construction & Development we pride ourselves on our values of safety, quality, ethics and integrity.  We believe in these values being at the core of our business, to place safety protocols in each project, to meet project deadlines, to consistently train our subs in their craft, the list goes on but ultimately to deliver a quality of work and experience that exceeds our client’s expectations in every aspect of the project. We are Brown Group Construction & Development and we are here to help.

Based out of McAllen Texas, Brown Group International is a family owned business specializing in residential, commercial and civil developments. 

Ethics & Compliance

Brown Group is committed to the highest standard of ethical business conduct. This ethical standard is one of the company's most valuable assets and can only be met with training/guidance of our employees.

Brown Group will conduct all business transactions in a proper, fair, impartial, and ethical manner, avoiding even the appearance of impropriety. We seek customers and partners who share our values and standards of conduct.

We started this company on a foundation of integrity it is vital to our success because without it, we have no business.

Brown Group’s integrity as a company comes only from our integrity as individuals. Every day, each of our colleagues must conduct every aspect of our work fairly according to the highest ethical business standards, including complying with all applicable laws and regulations. As with safety, there is no room for compromise. Period.

No single person can uphold our commitment to ethics and integrity. It takes all Brown Group colleagues


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