We are well known by our customers for providing the most comprehensive and analytical approach in our preconstruction process.  Our highly-detailed review of thorough cost estimations, calculated analysis of every design, review of construction documents and a detailed plan of execution/mobilization is what sets us apart from the rest of the market. The analysis of these elements operate hand in hand to prevent unexpected costs, maximize the speed of the building process and give you the most value for budget.


ESTIMATING - Before estimating a project, we do a study and examine the initial price and life cycle of construction items, and contemplate various means of approaching the erection of your project. After assessing these varying alternatives, you get all-inclusive pricing details. This procedure, along with our thorough past directory on pricing elements, makes our cost estimates the most precise and complete in our trade.  Along with cost estimations, we analyze what bid strategies should be considered for the project.  With our extensive historical database of cost components our approach to estimating is what makes Brown Group the most accurate and comprehensive in the market.

Review of Documents - How can you gain confidence that your project will be built exactly as planned, meeting the schedule on time and on budget? We work directly with your architects and engineers during the design phase.  Once they create a conceptual approved design, our team of construction professionals, analyze the design for constructability and quality.   We also evaluate the local subcontractor market to make sure trade contractors are qualified to perform the work.  Our main priority during the review of documents is to reduce the number of change orders and other conflicts that can stall construction.  We prioritize on bringing a smooth project delivery to our clients.


Mobilization Planning - How can you be sure your project will be built on time and in a safe manner? Along with planning of the mobilization of the project we also factor in severe weather details, job hazards, testing of equipment, protocol for team communication and reporting of projects, we have planned and proven set procedures for such matters.  The advantage planning our mobilization along with assessment of likely scenarios of the project is that will it ultimately save project time and money on unexpected scenarios if they were to happen.